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THE FUCK [Mar. 29th, 2006|09:34 pm]
Ok, so - I'm driving next week, worried about the test, but it'll be fine. JAKE AND I HAVE A DATE, lol - I'm getting him from school on friday and we're gonna see a movie, while my lovely gf watches DEGRASSSI OMFG. Yo, I got my system for my car installed, the thing hitz harder than your dad slapping your mom. Working all the time, schooling all the time, and gfing all the time doesen't give me much time for friends, so when I drive, I'll be able to see my niggs. Uhm, I lost all intrest of being on the computer 24/7 - Music, and a real life has infested me. Summertime will bring back weird memories, but I don't mind it that bad, I love night time drives in the country so it'll be nice.

I'll write teh more teh laterz.
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I Am - [Jan. 17th, 2006|09:29 pm]
Jake showed me his lj, and I decided I'd start writing in mine also, why? Becuase Jake influences me becuase yes, you guessed it - one of the closest things [people/person] I'll ever have to a REAL brother, maybe even a real friend. I have a good life, more than good - great. I made it this way for myself, with a few influences, Jake, Erika, Hardcore [music in general], and Straightedge. I have a consistent job, band, friends/friend/girlfriend - I'd kill for them. I'd kill for Erika, Jake.

..So recently, [3 - 4 years] I've been wondering where I'll grow old, and who will still be with me.
I know one person will be, as I've mentioned above, I'm not gay for him, but I love him.
Erika could be, but I dont like thinking that far ahead, but we have something here, something I've never had before. Just a thought -

I'll be getting my licenes in April, free at last.
To do what I'd like to do, go places, think. Drive.

So I'll leave you with alittle something to think about,
Out of anyone who's ever influenced you in anyway,
Whos still there with you? Whos always gonna be there with you?
don't fuck the people who love you.
don't ditch your true fucking friend.
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Yup. [Nov. 14th, 2005|09:48 pm]
So it's going to look like this. Yup.

<33 love you.
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